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HealthFrame Family Edition

Personal Health Record

Create Your Own Personal Health Record!

Be Prepared For Medical Emergencies and Doctor Visits!

Your doctor is responsible for your healthcare. You are responsible for your health! Organizing and managing your health record is a shared responsibility of the patient and healthcare provider and is a key factor in improving the quality of your health care, reducing the risk of medical errors and reducing health costs.

HealthFrame Family Edition 2.1.11

HealthFrame Family Edition is a personal medical records software application which stores and organizes personal medical information about you and your family so that you can be better prepared for doctor visits, hospitalizations and other situations pertaining to your health such as applying for health insurance. 

 personal health record

This tool is essential for implementing and maintaining a proactive approach to your healthcare and improving your health.

Oftentimes medical records are not available when they are most needed, such as during emergency room visits, when you see a doctor for the first time or after you have relocated.

This program allows you to maintain your own personal records for use in those situations where they are direly needed but not otherwise not readily available.

See Demonstration Video

 Some of the Important Features of HealthFrame Family Edition are the Following:

  • Stores a Variety of Information - It stores a variety of personal health information including illnesses, hospitalizations, physician encounters (i.e. visits and communications), journal entries in between doctor visits, medications, allergies, immunizations, surgeries, lab results and family history.  
  • Stores Health Information for the Entire Family - One program can be used to house medical information for the entire family including things such as children's immunization records and medication lists of elderly relatives.  
  • User Friendly - Its interface is very user friendly and allows for the efficient input and retrieval of data.  
  • Can Be Exported to a USB Flash Drive - Following an exportation to a USB flash drive data can be viewed from any computer with the free HealthFrame viewer software installed.  
  • ASTM Continuity of Care Compatible - This feature, if activated, allows you to share electronic medical records with your doctor(s).  
  • Health Library - This feature allows you to learn more about your conditions and the medications your are taking for them.  
  • Report Generation - This allows you to create a number of reports including journal summaries, medical history summaries and tracking graphs.  
  • Basic Information - Includes the names of family members, personal information, advanced directives, emergency contacts, birth information and insurance information.  
  • Record of Providers - This will be a list of current and past treating physicians, hospitals and treatment has been received, pharmacies, etc.  
  • Technical Support - Support can be obtained from the developer, Records for Living. Support options are e-mail, forum and FAQ posted on the Records for living website. There are also very informative help files that are part of the software program.

In this information age we required to provide more and more information about ourselves than any other time in history. Unless you and your family members have lived in a medical vacuum and have absolutely no medical information you need this computer-based personal health record software program to enable you to easily retrieve and transport viable health information that might be required of you at any point in your life. Having access to that information can be the difference in accomplishing or not accomplishing a mission. It can also improve your health care, decrease your medical expenses by reducing or eliminating duplicate or excessive laboratory and x-ray testing, and in some instances save your life.

To view introductory demo video click the link below.

Video Demonstration

For information about system requirements and answers to some of the more common frequently asked questions click here.

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personal health record

Maintaining A Health Record Is A Shared Responsibility Between You and Your Healthcare Provider(s)

This is a small investment for a program packed with features that can help you manage your health information, improve your health and reduce your medical expenses.

You could spend much more than the cost of this program during one visit to the doctor's office or emergency room if expensive tests are performed which could be avoided by having the necessary information available.

Look at it this way -- $39.95 is really a painless drop in the bucket to be able to get your hands on HealthFrame Family Edition 2.1.11 and start using it right away to manage your health information and improve your health! 

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personal health record 



Don't you owe it to yourself to try HealthFrame Family Edition 2.1.11 today?


Victor Battles 


P.S. You’ll be amazed at how simple and easy it is to get started and much this program can help you manage your medical information and motivate you to become more involved in your healthcare.