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How to Find Health Insurance Online

A premier online health insurance broker provides a faster more efficient method of finding the best affordable health insurance than the traditional paper application and multiple telephone call process.

Since insurance premiums are regulated and set by state departments of insurance, the premium paid for a particular plan is the same whether the insurance plan is purchased via an online agency, a local agent, or directly from the insurance company. Thus, the likelihood of being able to find the most affordable health insurance that best meets your needs is directly proportional to the number of insurance plans you can research and compare with others. Unless you have a vast number of insurance carriers and insurance plans to choose from and the proper tools at your disposal to efficiently research and compare the different plans, it can be a very long, tedious and frustrating process that very well could eventuate in the selection of a plan that you really do not fully understand and which you are not happy with down the road.


The first step in finding the best and most affordable health insurance plan is to find a reputable online insurance agency that offers the largest selection of insurance plans available with online resources that enable you to compare plans based on multiple variables, obtain free health insurance quotes, apply online and assess the financial strength of a carrier as reflected through its AM Best rating. Also, prior to beginning your research phase make sure that the online insurance agency is licensed and in good standing with the licensing bureau of the state in which it is based. Thousands of unsuspecting individuals per year fall victim of health insurance scams run by unauthorized purported insurers offering low-cost premiums that are in essence fake insurance companies.


Since the insurance industry is rather complicated and can be confusing to many, it is important to make sure that the online insurance agency provides support to help walk you through the research and application process and that you make full use of the resources in getting answers to any questions you might have during the either phase of your endeavor. FAQs and glossary support is great, but the combination of website textual support, e-mail support, chat support and telephone support is even better. By accessing any of these various resources, you should be able to make a determination of what type of product is best for you. Even before beginning to compare medical insurance plans by utilizing the online resources, you should develop a pre-comparison model of what you are looking for, whether it is an individual health insurance or a family plan.


As you view different insurance carriers and plans, it is important that you not only compare plans according to price but also by other variables such as deductibles, co-insurance, detail benefits such as whether or not wellness office visits are covered, prescription drug coverage, annual out-of-pocket limit, etc. In case of network HMO, PPO or PSO plans, it is important that you ascertain the healthcare providers in the various plans and also the hospitals and other ancillary healthcare facilities and providers which are in the networks, because oftentimes those variables will be the deciding factors in whether not you choose one plan over another. Even if the online agency resource lists a particular physician as being in a plan that you are interested in it would be prudent to call the physician’s office to verify membership and to make sure that he or she is likely to remain in that plan before actually applying for it.


After doing your research and before applying for a particular plan it would be judicious to choose from at least two or more plans offered by at least two or more different insurance carriers. If all other variables are equal or near equal the plan offered by the carrier with the higher AM Best rating in most cases would be the most reasonable choice. After all, the financial strength of the insurance company, which the AM best rating indicates, is the greatest determinant of whether not the company will be able to pay your claims in the near and distant future. It is never a good idea to use price as the determining factor in selecting between plans, particularly if the lower-priced plan has a poor AM Best rating.


Finally, once you have decided upon a health insurance plan to apply for make sure that the application process will be streamlined with real-time or near real-time communication between you and the insurance carrier with no undue delay in the decision process with regard to application approval or denial and that you will be under no obligation to actually purchase insurance if your application is approved.

The strategy outlined above should alleviate much of the frustration oftentimes associated with finding the right medical insurance, minimize disappointment and optimize your chance of finding the best health insurance for you.

by Victor E. Battles, M.D. - September 30, 2009

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As a board-certified internist I understand the importance of affordable health insurance for both the sick and the well. Find the best insuranace for you online!  FREE Health Insurance Price Comparisons for Individuals and Families





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