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Prescription Drug Patient Assistance Programs

Most pharmaceutical companies have special programs to help patients obtain much needed medications which they cannot afford to purchase because either they don't have private health insurance or are not eligible for Medicare and Medicaid. The programs have different requirements but each requires the patient and physician to register.


These programs have been operational for a number of years even though the pharmaceutical companies do not widely promote them and seldom advertise them. 


Each company and patient assistance program has its own criteria, but in general, to be eligible you as an applicant must show that: 


  • Your income is limited to the point that buying prescription medications would be difficult  
  • You do not have prescription drug coverage 
  • You do not qualify for Medicaid.


You can either call the manufacturer(s) of the drug(s) you need or you can use a drug assistance program source to determine your eligibility. 


The following are links to websites provide you with prescription manufacturer contact information and assistance program source contact information which you can use to determine your eligibility and initiate the application process. 



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